DAD! receives production funding by the Netherlands Filmfund


From the day that Albert (75) moves in with his son, the recently divorced journalist Daan (38), in his small city upstairs apartment, he is fuel for his journalistic aspirations. Daan, who has to do everything he can to keep his job, does not spare his father in his hilarious informal care columns about him. And while the column becomes more and more successful, Daan continues to push the pieces of his life around like a fairground bulldozer with gold coins: avoiding his mother in a coma, keeping the column a secret from his father, his lack of attention for his young son and the difficult dealings with his ex.
Condemned to each other on the floor, the two must reinvent themselves as grandfather, son, father and partner if they do not want to succumb to arguments and feelings of guilt. Just as they get closer to each other, the bomb explodes when Albert reads himself back in the newspaper.


sceenplay • Paul Teunissen
director • Sander Burger