Happy Palace

Dark dramady about the Wu family and their Chin Ind restaurant HAPPY PALACE.


Restaurant owner Chang dies under suspicious conditions. The whole village of Obdam is in deep mourning for 'their' Chinese. His children, the always loyal Yung Ling (34) and her brother Lok Man (32) are now forced to work hard together, to save their parents' Chin. Ind. restaurant from ruin. Old role patterns resurface, wounds are torn open, clichés fought and secrets revealed. When their rogue great-aunt appears on the scene, the question whether the restaurant goes bankrupt or not is not so urgent anymore, because something much bigger is hanging over their heads.


Yung Ling • Donna Tang
Lok Man • Tenzing Woing
Suk Wai • Mei-Ling Wan
Chang • Aaron Wan
Tante Ming • Lisa Man
Joppe • Joep Vermolen


script • Ilse Ott en Yan Ting Yuen
director • Nicole van Kilsdonk
ass to the director • Jimmy Tai
DoP • Emo Weemhoff
sound • Kees de Groot
sounddesign • Jaim Sahuleka
production design • Fanny Kriek en Eke Kriek
costumes • Daphne Jonas
Make up • Christel Man
composer • Adrian Leung
editor • Chee Han Kartosen-Wong
executive producer • Chris Jorna
broadcaster • NTR, Marina Blok
with the support of • CoBO Fonds, Jeanine Hage
producer • FIXY, Janneke Doolaard en Sylvia Baan


CINEMASIA, Opening Film March 5th 2024