Paul Blanca, this film saves your life

Portrait of internationally celebrated photographer Paul Blanca


Film about photographer Paul Blanca, who died in October 2021 at the age of 62 after a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse. In a possibly futile attempt to save a fading life from an inglorious demise, director Ramon Gieling filmed Paul Blanca on what turned out to be his last journey. On camera, we witness Paul Blanca's struggle against the transience of his body and the inexorable passage of time. Until, in the end, only photographs remain.


Paul Blanca
Erwin Olaf
Hans van Manen
Henk en Louise Schiffmacher
Koos Breukel
Hans Kemna
Azul Ehrenberg
Marlies Jongsma
Henk van Dijk
Rob Malasch
Rob Renoult
Wim van Sinderen
Katrien Gottlieb
Eva Veldhoen


Director • Ramón Maria Gieling
DoP • Salvador Gieling
Sound • Wouter Veldhuis
Costume • Sergio Cruz Ramirez
Editor • Ramón Maria Gieling, Salvador Gieling & Bobbie Roelofs
Sounddesign • Luuk Hoogstraten
Composer • Thom Willems
Postproduction • Amator
Producer • DOXY Films
Co-producer • Thinking out Loud
Distributor • Cinemien
Idem • Cinemien, Dutch Core
With the support of • Schram Studio’s, Filmfonds,
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst


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