The Story of Ne Kuko

The story of chief Ne Kuko's stolen Congolese power statue


The story of how the power statue of Chief Ne Kuko was stolen should not be forgotten. This nkisi resides, trapped behind glass, in a European museum. The history behind this mysterious statue connects restitution activist Mwazulu Diyabanza to the small village of Kikuku in the mountains of Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

This film was realised as part of the Ten Commandments, a documentary series by DOXY and EOdocs.


voice-over • Solo Ndinga
Mwazulu Diyabanza
Laety Babin
Mama Mado
Papa Alphonse Baku


Direction & script • Festus Toll
DoP • Festus Toll, Roxane Mbanga, David Spaans
Sound • Alain
Art director • Roxane Mbanga
Editor • Festus Toll
Sounddesign• Vincent Sinceretti
Postproduction • FeverFilm
Producer • DOXY Films
Broadcaster • EO
Distributor • Amstel Film
Idem • First Hand Films
With the support of • NPO-fonds, CoBO


IDFA 2023 • Competition for Short Documentary
Hot Docs 2024 • Selection for Short Documentary

Part of Selected Dutch Shorts 2024 by SEE NL


'Uncanny details together with the sparkling editing to the rhythm of African drums give the film a magical-realist dimension' (One World)
'Very impressive' (Business Doc Europe)